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“Cabinet Exumé” is a law office, created in 2000 by Me. Jean Joseph Exumé, attorney at law in Port-au-Prince Haiti..

Me. Jean Joseph Exumé graduated in 1980 from the State of Haiti, School of Law and of Economic Sciences. As soon as graduated, he obtained his license and began his career.  He did not take long before he made himself known as a very ambitious young lawyer.  Later on, he served as senior attorney at the Villejoint Office, one of the best law offices in Port-au-Prince. After the death of Me. André Villejoint, the Director of said office, Me. Jean Joseph Exumé opened his own law firm under the name of Cabinet Exumé. Cabinet Exumé handle all type of cases, mostly, it specialized in commercial law.

Me Exumé served two terms as Minister of Justice and Public Security: January 1995-November 1995; October 2008- November 2009. He plaid a key role in the creation of the Haitian National Police (PNH) and can be credited with the opening of the School of Magistrates (EMA) of Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 2009. He was a Member of The InterAmerican Commission of Human Rights of the OAS (IACHR) from January 1996 to December 1999, bringing valuable contribution to the doctrine and jurisprudence of this important international body.

Me Exumé is a law School Professor in the State University of Haiti, School of Law and of Economic Sciences in Port-au-Prince since 1992.

The Cabinet Exumé has a staff of five lawyers, two law clerks, and additional organizational staff.


• Jean-Joseph Exumé
• Judith Louidor
• Douchka Porcena
• Jean Frisca Alexandre
• Cindia Marcelin

Law Clerks

• Pamela Etienne
• Magdala Louis