Cabinet Exumé
Presentation of "Cabinet Exume"

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Cabinet Exume officially opened its doors on 2 September 2000, at the initiative of its Director, Jean Joseph Exumé Me, a lawyer at the Bar of Port-au-Prince since 1980.

During its ten years of existence, the firm works to the satisfaction of both Haitian and foreign customers and offer them the services of a dynamic and experienced team.

The mission statement is as follows:

- To defend the interests of the client with a flawless professionalism.

- Put the competence and honesty above all.

- Act at all times in strict compliance with ethics, ethics, and law.

- Give as golden rule of listening and understanding.

- Always Show empathy for the client.

Cabinet Exumé offers a range of services in the following areas:

- The right of persons and property (regular divorce, divorce of foreign adoption, management rents claim property rights ...)

- Law of obligations (contract research, legal support in all financial and capital transactions).

- Business law (incorporation, legal support companies, recording foreign subsidiaries, trademarks etc. ..)

In order to cover all the territory of 27.700 km2 Haitian Cabinet undertakes partnerships with various bars of 18 jurisdictions in the country. It also works with foreign lawyers in order to synthesize the laws of each country as well as international conventions and agreements to better compliance qu'auront commercial acts to undertake their businesses during fiscal years especially with subsidiaries in several countries.


Jean Joseph Exume